Customer Management Software

Schultz Technology is proud to partner with Fetchit, a software program that veterinary practices can integrate into their customer management and phone systems for increased efficiency and client compliance. With more and more veterinary practices aiming to go paperless, we’re excited to help our veterinary clients advance their businesses with the latest and best software available.

A veterinary assistant fields a question from a client.

This Software

Fetchit helps practices take their customer service to the next level. Here’s how it works:

  • When an established client calls your office, their pet’s chart will appear on the computer screen, giving your CSRs instant access to their information
  • It provides in-depth reports based on your practice’s call volume not only per day, but also per hour, and by CSR
  • Fetchit makes it easier for your CSRs to provide personalized customer service
  • Your CSRs can track appointments, reduce wait times, and create a new client chart with just a click

The Benefits of Fetchit

Fetchit is designed to benefit veterinary practices at all levels. From the owner(s) to the receptionists, it can improve customer service and efficiency by:

  • Reducing wait times (when seconds are critical)
  • Letting your CSR team know if a caller is an existing client before they answer the phone
  • Offering full software support
  • Reducing scenarios that add more time to a call such as asking how a name is spelled or asking whether the caller is an established client
  • Allowing CSRs to answer more calls
  • Reducing payroll expenses
  • Increasing number of appointments

Let Our Team Help Your Team

If customer service and customer management software are currently major pain points for your practice, don’t let them fester. Contact our IT specialists to see how we can help. Fetchit could be the solution to some of your practice’s most aggravating problems.


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